Open Letter

🗓️Dec 1, 2000December 1, 2000🏷️ Knowledge Work
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Dear Software Professional,

Our profession is still relatively young. The field of software development seems like a mine field--without a comprehensive map--to many practicing software engineers. The information that you find here will provide insight to make your day-to-day work more effective and more enjoyable.

Expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then try to bring those things into what you are doing.

Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer

Software engineering already has more then its fair share of methodologies. What I feel is lacking is enough practitioners who know when to apply a given methodology and know how to measure the effectiveness of its use. Not enough emphasis is placed on the application of the methodologies to real world projects and I feel that working software engineers don’t get practical guidance on how to apply the available knowledge.

I want to help software engineers, their teams and companies increase their software development performance and execute successful software development projects on ever decreasing time tables and with ever increasing quality through more effective application of readily available software engineering knowledge.

Steven Teleki
Austin, Texas
December 1, 2000