Monthly Archives: January 2002

Do you use your brain at work?

You probably have to. Knowledge workers today make up over 70% of the working population. Your productivity is your competitive advantage! Take charge of you future! Discover what makes you more productive, and put yourself on a trajectory for greater success.

As a Software Engineering Manager, the performance of software developers is on my radar every day. You owe it to yourself to understand and improve your software development performance. Think about your performance. Today. And do something about improving it.

Thoughts on Performance

You are a software developer. You are good, and you know it. Maybe in the top 10%. But, do you know how good you are? Do you understand why you are so good?

Are you ready to compete in a global knowledge economy? In the age of brainware you compete with every other brain in the world. To stay ahead of the game you must understand why you are effective and how can you become even more effective at what you do. As a knowledge worker, your brain is your greatest capital asset. Your thinking drives your performance.

If you manage people who use their brains all day it is your responsibility to enable them to work effectively. Are your daily actions helping or hurting their performance?